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Hands Free ZA

Jules Belasyse-Smith


Johannesburg, South Africa

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About Us We are parents, wine lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts



Wine Enthusiast


Assistant Wine Enthusiast

In 2013 we moved back to South Africa – for Jules, after living in the UK for 9 years and Peter, a Brit working as a doctor fresh onto South African soil.

Embracing this lifestyle, we used our Hands Free wine glass holders often, having purchased them in the UK years before.

And so, due to so many people asking about them, we decided to start importing them from the UK in 2015.

And because so many people use camping chairs instead of sitting on the ground, we sourced the Wine Glass Clamp to solve that problem too!

We really believe in our products and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Stuart Steedman

“I'm generally very clumsy - Hands Free keeps me from accidentally watering the grass” Stuart Steedman

Jessica Braddy

“It's classy and keeps my precious red wine safe! Never have a picnic without one!” Jessica Braddy

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